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Welcome to the wonderful world of Hawthorn's Homes!


Hi! I'm Hawthorn, SpokesBunny for Hawthorn's Homes! We create custom habitat designs for indoor rabbits and other small animals. Please take a moment to look over the wide variety of habitats we've already built, and consider how happy you could make somebunny by ordering a habitat from us!


Would you want to live in this?!?!?! --------->

Have you ever noticed that almost all rabbit or small animals homes are made from either wood or wire?
Do you ever wonder if our fur-friends like where they are living? Do they worry that their current housing might NOT be clean and safe? Wouldn't they like to have a whole house to themselves and not just a cramped "cage"?
After a lot of serious shopping, my step-Dad, Brian, and I decided that we could design and build a GREAT rabbit or small animal HOUSE!

SAFE - Our revolutionary indoor habitats are made from 100% planet-friendly materials.
SECURE - Four closures make them secure.
AFFORDABLE - Since they ship in a flat package, they're affordable and assemble easily in less than an hour, using only a screw-driver.
DISEASE-FREE - To keep the habitat sanitary, we use high-grade PVC fencing and melamine flooring.
BUNNY-SAFE - our unique, indoor design eliminates sharp, potentially dangerous, corners.
EASY-CLEAN - These habitats are easy to clean and healthy so you can spend more quality time with the furry love of your life!

PLEASE NOTE: These homes are built to order! At Hawthorn's Homes, we listen to our customers and build the habitat they need. Hawthorn's Homes are flexible housing, unlike the cages and hutches found in feed stores and large commercial pet shops. You tell us what is the size of your fur-friend, and how much space you have for a home and we will custom design and build not just a cage for your fur-kid, but a real HOME!

We have these options available and are adding more as our customers request them:

-Roller Wheels
-Spill-containing side guards
-Small or large lattice holes
-Removable doors that double as rabbit-proof gates
-Reinforced corners for stability and durability
PLUS these habitats are attractive - a welcome addition to almost any home decor.

REMEMBER, these habitats are animal-friendly. We use only the highest-grade materials in their construction. Unlike wire or wooden cages, these habitats are built to last!

Hawthorn, our SpokesBunny pictured above, agrees! "These homes are great!"

4 August 2004 - Phil ends his Navy service! Wishing "Fair winds and following seas!" to all our sailors! God bless our young men and women in the military and bring each one home to safe haven!

Are you a DIY-er? (Do-It-Yourself-er) All of Hawthorn's Homes blueprints are available for purchase. We offer the same, great service in design and options as we do with our ready-to-assemble habitats. Please e-mail me for prices and details!

`U.S and Int'l. Patents Applied; 1 August 2000